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Business and Marketing is ever evolving and changing. Here we publish business tips for creatives.

Overcoming Objections In Sales

Overcoming Objections in Sales Overcoming objections to sales is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales and thereby increase your income. The best way to overcome an objection is to not have to deal with it in the first place and this is why you should be...

Google AdWords for Photographers

Google AdWords For Photographer, and why you should be using them. Over the past week, we have had several our clients ask us the same questions about Google AdWords and if they should be using them.  The answer is yes, they should be using them, and, in the video,...

Five Step Sales Process

The Five Step Sales Process to Closing More Sales The five-step sales process is a proven way to close more sales. By following a sales system you can make what works repeatable and troubleshoot what doesn't work. The five steps in the sales process are: Establish...

What I Am Reading

Those who know me have often heard me say that an investment in education is the only investment where you can guarantee your returns. Education doesn’t always mean you have to go to a school or take formal education. There are several routes of self-education,...

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